Discos and PartiesGet your party started in style with one of our disco packages! When it comes to selecting a disco provider for your event, it's important to ensure you get quality, reliability and value for money. With CPA, you'll find all three.

You'll find the music you like, the music your guests want, impressive lighting and a great sound. Hassle free and all organised and managed to suit your requirements.

We employ the latest technology to enhance the experience of our events, and are constantly re-investing in this area. In fact, the lighting equipment we use matches that of most high-end night clubs.

We use a range of sound systems, selected to suit the venue, or the sound you'd like! Each boast high-end branded names and offer exceptional audio quality. Using a digital sound processing device, we will even tailor the sound to the room.

We draw from a team of experienced technical staff and DJ's to deliver our services. You will see at each event there will be two team members present to setup equipment and assist with your requirements. We also carry backup equipment in the unlikely event of a system failure.


More About Discos

Let's keep things simple. This all sounds terribly complicated, but we offer just two disco packages for you to choose from. One is simply bigger than the other and there is no difference in features between the larger or smaller package.

The first suits events up to 100 guests and the second suits events up to 250 guests. Like to know more? Why not contact us.



I used CPA for a disco and was very pleased with the service and professionalism. The night went great and the lighting looked fantastic.

Chris Moden